How Visual Creative Branding is boosting your Business Growth

Every business is always related to business growth and everyone thinks about visual branding, there were actually many ways to promote your business through creative visual branding, but here we discuss some powerful creative visual branding techniques Going to do which will definitely help you business growth.

Visual branding marketing ideas compete to help you grow your business

Posting on bargain sites – People love free stuff, some more than others. People who are very in love often visit sites and forums. There is almost always a cheap / competition forum section where you can add your competition to the mix.
Hashtags – Including a relevant (and unique) hashtag in your competition helps you keep track of entries and makes it easier to find and organize them. Also, they are just plain joking.
Make Compliant Super Sharable – This means adding the “Share This Contest” button if you have an admit card on a website, or simply encouraging social sharing in general. The more people know about your competition, the better.
Provide bonus points for sharing – If you offer users bonus points for sharing news about your competition via social media, they will be more likely to give it.
Notify email subscribers about the contest – remember, you already know that your email subscribers like you and are interested in what you have to offer. If you are running a contest for a free year of your software, then you know that your customers want to enter!
(All) Promote Your Competition on Social Media: If you are running a photo contest via Instagram, be sure to promote the contest on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. You want all your followers to know about your great giveaway from all social networks!
Write for your audience: The best content is aimed at your key audience. Understand your client – know their pain points, what excites them, and what keeps them awake at night. Killer content addresses the needs and concerns of your audience!
Add a visual element to all your content pieces – people get bored of text really fast! In order for visitors to continue reading, it is necessary that the images divide paragraphs of text. Even in mainly text-based blog posts, do not ignore the importance of a visual element.
Useful Templates: Templates are another powerful form of visual assets that visitors find extremely useful. Templates serve as a visual framework that can help users create custom parts without having to completely scratch.

Visual Creative Branding Idea for Small Business

Charts and Tables: Infographics’ lesser cousins, one-piece charts and tables still hold their place as formidable pieces of visual content. They may not be as impressive as infographics, but they take very little time and effort to create and are still demure, so don’t be afraid to use them liberally. For visual learners, it would be much easier to interpret than a graphic text and a snippet of numbers. Make sure you attract all types of students!
Video – Video is an incredible marketing strategy when it comes to promoting a new product or service, or to attract and hold the attention of users. The retention rate for visual information can reach 65% vs. 10% for text-based information. Additionally, customers who watch product videos are more likely to convert than those who do not.
States List: Are You Reaching the Wall of Content Idea? For a simple content marketing solution, gather interesting statistics on a topic related to your business and create a blog post about what you have learned. Stat lists are easy to do on a large scale and in very small amounts.
Future Predictions – Run a fortune teller by predicting future trends in your industry; Just make sure you have at least some data to support your hypothesis.
Controversy: Controversial content is always noted, but it is not for the faint of heart – playing with fire can burn you! Instead of instigating a controversy yourself, the biggest course may be to respond to or respond to a major industry dispute with your explanation.

Other Visual Creative Marketing Ideas That Boost Your Business Growth

Slideshow – Slideshow is back and better than ever! Reuse PowerPoint presentations to share audience-friendly slides.
Webinars – Host your own free webinar or partner with another company for a two-time experience (and twice the promotional power). Webinars are a great source of business opportunities.
Google-related searches: Checking Google-related searches (found above and below the SERP) for keyword queries is a great tool for generating content ideas. Just Google a word and see what the related searches indicate. This will surprise you!
Opt-in pop-ups: There is a lot of debate around newsletter subscription pop-ups. They are angry, they are intrusive, but very often, they work too! Take an A / B test and see how it affects your newsletter subscription. If your newsletter subscribers have proved valuable to your business, what to do to get them.
Maintain your streak. Not sure what to write? Log into your analytics account and take a look at your most popular posts to see what topics users are most excited about, then write a variation or extension of one of your most popular posts.
E-Books – Another great marketing idea is to write a comprehensive e-book on a known issue or popular industry topic, and then build a quality landing page around the proposal. Better yet, not start from scratch; Rearrange previous blog posts and articles into a mega e-book collection.
Post on hot industry topics – What is discussed in your area? Post on current news and current affairs related to your industry that put you in a state of explosion and show that you know.
Guest Posts – While the SEO value of guest posts has been questioned, there is nothing wrong with guest posts if done properly. Focus on the value of showing your brand to a new audience instead of a link.
White papers (guides, e-ook, white papers) are very similar, but labeling your assets differently can help your message resonate with different audiences. Test your label to work best with your potential customers.
Quality Content – It should be said without saying, but only produce quality content that you can be proud of! Google hates thin content and users do not like it.
Show some skin, I mean metaphorical skin, of course, show that you are not a robot. Don’t be afraid to have fun and show your company’s personality. Express yourself; And if it means actually showing some skin, more power to you. You are human

Creative Marketing Ideas for a Visual Creative Brand

Online magazine – The production of your own virtual magazine is another epic form of content marketing. For a great example, check out Dark Rye, a fancy online magazine created by Whole Foods. For a quick and easy solution, create your newspaper online with
Podcasts – Podcasts are great because users can download them and then listen to them on the go. Potential podcast concepts include discussing the biggest news in the industry or interviewing experts at your location.
Cover events: If you are attending a conference (or an online event), consider writing a post about the information you have collected from the event, what you found valuable, etc. Others may also find it valuable! Use event hashtags in your promotional efforts.

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Important things to must include in marketing strategy after covid-19

A global crisis can either paralyze a marketing team or galvanize it to thrive. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, that’s exactly what we’re seeing: some companies are cutting back on marketing (in some instances, laying off the entire marketing team), while others are being more agile and coming up with interesting ways of engaging their audience during these difficult times.
If you want to stay in business, you can’t stay idle for long. As a business owner of our self, we understand why many entrepreneurs would want to cut down completely on marketing activities. Being conservative feels like the safe choice when there’s uncertainty about how long the crisis will last. But we have to balance financial responsibility with the need to keep consumers informed and engaged when things get tough.

The year’s events have impacted consumer search behavior and PPC performance. Many businesses have paused or reduced their advertising in the last few weeks. Conversely, others have set responses in place to react to the changes in consumer searches.
Though it may seem counterintuitive, now is the time to hold steady to ensure a strong come back within your marketing after COVID-19. As businesses withdraw themselves, great opportunities will surface if your business can maintain a long-term marketing strategy.
To make your digital marketing efforts effective, your team should begin to plan adjustments in response to the shift in searches, competitors, and market share. In other words, your past PPC set-up before and during this crisis will likely no longer apply to your marketing after COVID-19.

Be agile for the new normal

Some entrepreneurs and marketers are holding off action, thinking that things will be back to “normal” in a few weeks or months. I do not hold the same view.
For one, some scientists are predicting that some form of social distancing may need to happen until 2022 . That’s a long time to put any type of marketing on hold. A more important consideration is the fact that the pandemic will have a long-term effect on the psyche and outlook of consumers. In our own COVID-19 study, 86% of Americans and 81% of Canadians agreed that the crisis will create a new normal and have a lasting impact on society.
Regardless of how long the crisis actually lasts, COVID-19 will forever change the consumer landscape. After this comes to pass, companies can’t go back to their old playbooks. Personas, messaging and even your product strategy may need to significantly evolve for the realities of the post-COVID-19 world.
The bottom line is that fresh data and accurate insights have never been more important. In these uncharted territories, relying on instincts alone is dangerous. If you haven’t reached out to your customers in the past month, now’s the time to do so.

Adjusting your Digital Marketing Strategy

Bidding Strategies

The competitor market has changed. As we mentioned earlier, many businesses are responding to these changes in drastic ways, some by cutting their PPC marketing budgets altogether.
Though it may not make sense right away, holding marketing budget is recommended move. That said, sticking to the same automated bidding strategy and targets will not make sense for your marketing after COVID-19.
We recommend reviewing & adjusting both manual and automated bidding strategies. Also, you should monitor your campaigns’ marketing strategy given the volatile market. Remember, conditions will continue to shift. Therefore, if you don’t just set and forget, you may be able to go along with the changes.


As you may know, keywords are a powerful resource for markets. Hence, you can use Google Trends, which is a great digital marketing tool, to understand how people are searching online.
Great marketing strategies are all about adaptation and monitoring search trends. Weekly digital marketing tasks should include reviewing search term reports and search queries on Google Analytics. Primarily to understand what queries people are using to find your business and strategize your marketing after COVID-19.

Device Strategy

Daily routines will go from working from a laptop at home to desktops to going back to mobile use during commutes again. In other words, mobile traffic may have decreased, but you will want to adjust your PPC campaigns for mobile traffic after the quarantine. Indeed, you should review your marketing campaign device settings. When the time comes, make your brand highly visible on mobile again.

Ad Copy & Extensions

Review the messages in your pipeline to remove anything that seems insensitive. Not all ad copy will hold relevance for your marketing after COVID-19.
Similarly, you will want to keep tabs on which competitors are advertising. Some questions to consider: (1) What is their message? (2) Are they pushing promotions? If so, what are they?
Tip: “Shop local” has been one of the popular search trends. Use this and variations of it in your ad copy marketing strategy to help vendors and shops in your community.
Quality Score
If you haven’t done this already, focus on your quality scores. You can do this in a few easy steps. First, pull a list of all your current keyword quality scores. Second, brainstorm to create new content for your PPC ad copy. Finally, do the same for your landing page. Together, these will improve your quality score.


If you stuck to the plan and continued marketing through the outbreak, we’ve got good news. You’ve probably built up a substantial audience that you can re market to as part of your Marketing After COVID-19 Plan.


When the dust settles there will be a number of things to shift back to like updating any of your business operations on your website, Google My Business Bing Places. Whatever adjustments (business hours and phone number) you made during the quarantine make sure to shift back.
It will take time to find the new norm for marketing after COVID-19, but each of the points above will prepare your marketing strategy efforts for shifts that are expected. If you’d like to stay up to date with the industry and our recommendations on strategies for your business.

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