SEO Content Writer VS. Copywriter


Am I hiring a Content Writer Or a Copywriter for SEO techniques? What can be the difference between these two? Are they both the same? Is the difference that important?

These are the questions that arise when a client is about to hire an SEO specialist for its website. Hence, in this blog, let us discuss the comparison between an SEO content writer and an SEO copywriter, and get a clear idea of these concepts and also which one to hire and when to hire.

The basic comparison between these concepts is an important factor to discuss as it will define the outcome of the project you are assigning to the freelancer. So let’s get started by discussing the content writing against copywriting implemented for SEO.

Firstly, both the concepts are related to entering words on a web page, but the purposes might differ.

Content writing tasks for internet marketing serves to attract traffic to websites via the search results displayed. On other hand, copywriting tasks serve in converting leads visiting a website to clients.

Also, it is interesting to know that both, can do each other’s job. Hence, as discussed above, to get the desired results, it is important to know the variations between them, or you may end up getting stuck with the undesired output!

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SEO Content Writing Tasks

SEO content writers mainly focus on developing content that the audience gets interested in reading. Blogs, white papers, news reports, web content, etc. can be said as a part of SEO content writing.

One might wonder that the above-mentioned parts are article writing. But this is the main point. Article writing has been a subset included in writing content for SEO.

Despite promoting or reviewing content, content writing involves both lengths of contents, i.e. short and long. As far as it is a discussion on a certain topic, and the user gets some knowledge from it by thoroughly reading it, we call it SEO content.

The content is prepared to keep in mind certain targeted keywords that help in generating traffic on the website. The content created can be useful for the readers in some or other manner. The content involved should not be advertising, but it should be well organized and language used should be appropriate in such a manner that reader is bound to visit the website more than once, either to read the newsletters sent to them as they would have subscribed in the blog posts or if you have an e-commerce website, the reader might get tempted to purchase the similar stuff from your website only.

The purpose of a writer is to

  • Increase the rank of the website as well as the keywords
  • More CTR
  • Improve the navigation to the website
  • Attract efficient backlinks
  • Direct the user to the relevant web pages
  • Convert the website visitor to buyers and customers. If not possible, at least convince the visitors to subscribe to the new letters.
  • Revise the content already on the website.

The content handled by the SEO content writers are as follows:

  • Blog posts that need to be SEO friendly
  • Service pages of the websites that are SEO friendly
  • Local content for SEO to be placed on business websites
  • Pay per click landing page
  • Contents that build links
  • SEO implied guest posts

Hence, if the only goal for a business owner is to engage several audiences in their websites, the content writer for SEO is whom you should consult first.

If the conversion of this traffic is a crucial thing, then go for hiring a copywriter for SEO.

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SEO Copy Writer

The basic aim of copywriting is to convince the readers or to tempt the readers to make a conversion from just a visitor to a customer. It focuses on a call to action instead of focusing on the content that might interest the readers.

This gives a push to the audience engaged in the copywriting for deciding for being a subscriber, customer, or client. Hence, the concept of copywriting is mainly focused on achieving the targets and a rise in the graph of profits.

Based on this, it can be said that copywriting is inclined towards sales as well as a marketing team in a company.

The skills of the copywriters include the creation of product landing pages, emails, sales copy, etc. that pitches the interest of the customer to engage with the company.

Hence, a successful copywriter is the one that can convert a pure reader into a customer.

The requirement of an SEO copywriter arises when the client needs to have a copy of ads on various platforms like Google Ads, Product page, Instagram page, ads on Facebook, etc., with a primary goal of converting a reader to a customer.

The traffic generated out of this strategy is usually coming from social media, paid ads, traffic, etc.

Hence, for effective results, opt for a copywriter who is experienced in the above-mentioned techniques, and also know how to attract the classified traffic.

Whenever a business aims to improve sales through SEO instead of only customer engagement, the owner hires a copywriter. Also, for each project undertaken in copywriting, some important factors that prove the process of copywriting being different for varying traffics are category of the project, research done on it, targeting the relevant audience, launching of the ad, etc.

The content handled by the SEO copywriters are:

  • Advertisements are shown on Facebook
  • Ads are shown on Instagram
  • Posts made on social media,
  • Ads have given in newspaper,
  • Descriptions mentioned on the products
  • Call to action punch lines
  • Navigation within the website

The skill sets of an SEO copywriter should include:

  • Knowledge of SEO
  • Know the variations between traffic generated by unique SEO content and the traffic generated by using keyword-stuffed SEO content.
  • He should provide the case study of successful conversions
  • Knows the referral procedure.


So this was all about the briefing on SEO content writer and SEO copywriter. I hope the above information helps?

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How To Generate Leads Through Digital Marketing?


Now a days it is very important to the marketer’s to keep themselves update regularly. As digital marketing has a great impact in business marketing so we should know how to generate lead through this. Generate from leading in divided into a set of market activities. That came from different stage of market analysis.

This starts of the buyer’s journey an then continues to generation of traffic. Finally it would be converted to customer’s for the purpose of lead generation. As our main priority is conversion of leads to the customers.

So the researcher has to prepare the strategies of digital advertising in a way how it provides the real value to the buyer and then qualifies the leads. It should be our first step to build the appropriate strategy for it.

There are so many creativity that are available in market such like online marketing techniques, SEO, email and social marketing. So we can use that effective channel for this generation. That’s why we have to invest our time and give priority to that particular matter. From this blog our main focus would be the effective ways to handle the generation of lead.

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What is lead generation?

This is a technique to impress a stranger whom has shown or her interest our company’s product or a particular service. To convert them into our real audience we had to make effective strategies and build generation is one of them.

At the communication stage We have to take online survey to contact with them for the business perspective. It should be better to take care of them personally and also make a list who are not really interested to purchase our service as it can waste time. Auto services method as one those we can be applied to them.

Importance of Lead Generation

The main important thing of this generation is to build the relationship with unknown customer. There are one effective strategy of that process is inbound marketing strategy. It happens after we have impressed the client and then it is ready to transit the client into your sales experienced team.

By this purpose we have to ready our social publishing, then plan call to action strategy, then make a workflow through email marketing and make a survey of social monitoring. Accordingly we have to prepare our blog in a very attractive way. We have to focus on our workflows, landing pages , CRM or smart techniques.

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Process of Lead Generation

There are so many free this generation tools that are available in the market. Actually it would help us to capture this directly from your website.

Let’s walk through the steps of lead generation process:

1. Discover business

The client will search for your particular service or business in the terms of website, various blogs and marketing page.

2. Call to action

The visitor would click on this particular module in the terms of any button, image or message. This will encourage them to do some sort of action.

3. CTA

This process takes the client to a landing page, where the web page is designed to lead the information as an attractive offer.

4. Lead capture:

Once the customer lands on this page they are suppose to fill one form based on their interest. This method is known as best practice method.

How to manage it effectively?

Generally we had to offer more useful information visitor that are not required in market.

These are the following steps to make this generation technique of lead more efficient:

1. Creative writing

This is the one of nest and important approach to prepare publicity of your business. The writing should be well designed, inspiring and impressive. WE can choose a guide book, white paper, video or any other thing for your reference. Once the content is finalized it will passed on to the creative team.

2. Promote your content

Once content is ready now it the perfect time to promote it in successful way. We need to have the proper strategy to market your product or service. We can perform this activity by social media post, digital advertising and email marketing.

3. Set up and track landing page

Now it is time for promotion! We need to create a domain and make it live! We have to create our initial landing page, and then publish them. Proper documentation would be required to generate and install the code in our sites.

4. Proper launch and monitoring

This is our golden rule! We have to sure to check our promotion and be sure how they are performing. Evaluate all the reports properly and make necessary arrangements.

5. Evaluate the effectiveness

This is final step of lad generation. We have to understand the reports, evaluate them properly, and value for it. Generally, this stage evaluates our success ratio.


The best effective way to generate lead is social media approach. Digital advertising is one of the core method for this approach. We have to understand the best practice and evaluate them properly. This technique is more important and complex also. Most of the digitally focused companies and business are interested in having great websites.

If you want to sell any products or services, you need a website which is smart, efficient, good speed and with elegant design here are roughly about 91% from the b2b companies use content marketing techniques to generate more leads.

YouTube is currently the second trendy search engine in the world that includes around 11.5 billion monthly users. You can post videos with links to your business website in the description.

When anyone has questions, they can simply ask Google for their answers. Hence, it’s important for an organization to focus on it’ keywords used by people. Once you get the top place on Google, you could receive more organic trends.

The number of social media users is in increase. It appears as the best platform for engaging and connecting with others It is the right platform where you can find out the influencer. In this platform, you can create hash tags and also promote it for generating buzz.

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