1. Which types of businesses do you work with?

KnockingBell Media LLP have experience and work with businesses of all sizes from local companies, startups and SMEs. We work with companies in all sorts of sectors like manufacturing industries, service sectors, professionals, etc.

2. How will we be able to contact you?

All our clients have our direct contact details, mobile, emails. Also they can call us for any help/support or services.

3. Can social media marketing really help my business?

Most definitely! To increase the reach and awareness of your business social media marketing services are essential as they help build your  business brand and generate sales and profits through different channels and platforms.

4. I am a small business, why do I need Website?

Since we live in digital age, business website is your number one marketing asset. The website content also imp-acts buying decision. Website need not be fancy or expensive but it needs to exists and able to be found by search engines.

5. What’s the video production process?

Video Production Process is  generally divided into 3 stages: Pre-production, production and distribution. For more details you can contact KnockingBell Media LLP.

6. How long should my video be?

This really depends on client’ requirements, what kind of video client wants and what the aim of your video is. We recommend video time in a range of 30 seconds to 6 minutes.