How SMEs can Leverage the Power of Digital Marketing to Engage with their Target Audience


Now a day’s Online trending is ruling over the country. It is an ideal interface for publishing all the marketing and branding policies. Through digital marketing, we can also promote our product and services in a successful way. With respect to online marketing SME means small and medium enterprises also can get benefit inefficient manner.

Some of the best advantages are the Visibility of a brand, proper awareness, and popularity. By taking some excellent advantages of Online trending we can rule in social media marketing, Web designing and development, Email marketing, and mobile marketing.

Role of SMEs in Online trending:

Some of the SME owners have entered the market using the method of digital marketing as a primary source of acquisition. It incorporates the use of online trending including website, server, notifications, software application, online content, E-book, social media, motivating video, etc.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has proved great strategic options in terms of SMEs. All of these small and medium business organizations have started recently by young and talented entrepreneurs who have changed their mode of functioning from the traditional ways to the modern, digital techniques of advertising & promoting their own businesses.

As SME leaders they can use the power of digital trending and rule over the market. In this way, we get influenced by our consumers and influence them to purchase their products and services again and again. SMEs have a window of opportunity right now to make the transition to a digital, mobile-centric future.

It’s the practice of using by which we can target the customer and if you’re more likely to reach the customer needs it is a dealy good option for you. They also eliminate the odds and the obstacles in a proper way. These are some of the benefits we can include:

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1. Proper Data Management:

You need to handle the record inappropriate way. As the role of a manager, we have to eliminate waste time on the consumer who is not on the proper track. So we would start our journey for selected people, consumer act, motivated video, and other accessories in a proper way.

2. Leverage of Technology:

Digitalization will enable companies to carry out more functions than boost sales including having a smoother back-end process that supports e-commerce and employing data analytics for better decision-making. If SMEs don’t change and transform digitally, they will cease to exist. Manual ways will be made obsolete even faster than they had planned.

3. Rebuild and Reform:

We need to look at how to rebuild and reform the business of the SME community. We need to help them to survive and maintain their jobs and then look at how to bring them into the digital economy. We hope the government can speed up infrastructure development in the upcoming next two years, not just for urban, also for rural areas to ensure SMEs in the rural areas do not miss out.

4. Redirect with a customer:

Once you have identified and tested a market. You can expand into another market. It is easier to duplicate your market than to create a new stock-keeping unit(SKU) because one can just sell the same SKU in different markets and on different marketplaces.

5. B2B and B2C:

One of the most common models used to penetrate a new market is by going to popular consumer marketplaces. That is the B2C model. No doubt, the B2C market or e-commerce is growing at double-digit rates over the year.

Audience influenced strategies:

This is a closer look at how we could target the public in an efficient way:

1. Connect with Google’s E-market public:

when targeting an audience who is aware of the fact of the marketing field. And of course, the properties of the Google E-market let you know how to get connect with the required customers and buy their products. When we have the proper idea for them to build in a separate group of advertisements and join with the public. By this, we can get our target customers and we can try and find more of them.

2. Remarket the ad of Google:

It is an excellent interface. By this technique we can search in Google, can view their update, and use the notifies data in a proper way so that we can easily get a touch with the target audience.

3. Give importance to Facebook Users:

One of the crucial factors of Facebook is its business capability which can adapt to other possibilities. So it provides all the users with related advertisement and their preferences. It will also cut off the unimportant staff. In this way, we are allied to keep in touch with the relevant public.

4. Do work on Linkedln Profile:

By this strategy, we can easily reach the customer. First of all, we can take a look at their profile, their interest, and based on that we can easily keep in touch with them. The best thing is that we are able with convincing them and they would become our trusted customers over the year.

5.Role of search engine optimization:

it is quite efficient to target the right people of your sold product and services. It is none of the most efficient tools by which we can search on google about the topic and get relevant information about them. In this way, we can easily reach the target audience.

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It is a focus that SMEs should not lose focus on. E-commerce might give you the speed to penetrate into the new market, but to grow. You can’t ignore the traditional market. Today, not only do ad platforms offer customers a lot of data about who is seeing their ads and by which they’re contacting them but would allow consumers to create posters then act and guide customers depends on their reactions.

The built-in technique is ready, and the marketers who wish to get much of products and services at the right selected consumer in proper time and on the right platforms must explore the capabilities that machine learning provides.

So, now you might have come to know-how SME plays an important role in Digital Marketing. We KnockingBell Media provides Digital Marketing Service. Grow and Expand your market on social media with KnockingBell with our expert team of Digital Marketers.

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Impact of Digital Visual Branding on the Consumer Mindset!!


The creation and promotion of a brand are very relevant for any enterprise or industry. There are so many successful brands in the market which are still facing problem in the department of promotion. The world is full of competition. Loyalty is the main factor to get success in any business. So it is packed my positive and negative impression of consumers and their reviews. By overcoming all the factors we have to fulfill the criteria of customers based on their existing mindset in order to achieve a great image of a brand. In addition, it should be original and reflect the brand image.

The reason behind this research:

Perfect concept and feature is the best combination to make a strong brand image. The vision of any company becomes so difficult in terms of faith, daring, hope, and passion. The digital world consists of so many websites, online platforms, and social accounts. We have to research completely about all the mentioned factors to take a high of our brand image. As a brand founder it’s really important to make good business decisions, deals and pay intention of their needs Image a brand means totally depend on good business leaders. In this rapidly changing world stability is more important than existence. It is an art to impress the consumer to use their brand again and again. So research is a direct thinking choice of its mindset.


Brand identity means name and its casual appearance, personality, and its LOGO. A most important part of it and others. Its role should be understood by the customer. It reflects brand identification through the visualization technique. The following factors should be considered:

1. Brand Strategy:

The vision should be very clear before deciding any strategy of a particular business. We had to understand consumer needs along with their perception. The behavior, attitude, and expression are important and strategic matters.

2. Loyalty:

The loyalty of any type of business is the core part of any business. It has been attached to the consumer depends on this factor the customer cannot skip to other products. Loyalty would be measured only after a prior and actual.

3. Brand Preference:

It shows the desire of the customer to choose a particular product even if there is the same price as the same quality products available.

4. Accurate Experience:

It is a response that is made by the customer. After using their product they give useful feedback. Based on the reviews the future of the brand is decided.

5. Brand Recognition:

It is actually an ability of consumers to recognize the exact brand over others. some of the examples of brand recognition can be Apple, Nike, or McDonald’s: they can be recognized even without using their names, and only the logos or colors can give customers an understanding of what this matter is.

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Digital Trending:

In the fast-growing world, perception is changing gradually. The digital trend plays a vital role in the market as compare. So a product is none without reviewing it by the consumer. Digital Brand is a commitment to the customer they are bond to use their product over time and again. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, TripAdvisor, and other famous other platforms are the ways to see what it is inside people’s minds related to concrete products or service and the ability to compare these reviews to what a company thinks it does. Digital Branding includes such factors as visual identity, however, nowadays there are aspects exists that need to be taken into consideration in order to succeed in online trending such as digital platform interactions of all of its reviews. Additionally, imagine about digital, it can be assumed that the core difference between classical and digital branding is in the appeared ability.

Visuals in Branding:

It is well said “The sum of everything the audience can see they look at you. Together, all of those visual elements tell a story.” Visual branding helps to create a perception in the customer’s mind of what a business or service is doing and it explains who they are and creates feelings towards it by means of using visual elements. It communicates something about the essence of a particular brand. It enables the company to build brand extensions with ease. It is represented by graphical representation by using some logos or text along with its architecture. The core principles that need to be taken into consideration for successful digital design are readability, uniqueness, recognition, and context. Uniqueness should be also considered that how much it is different from other brands. So it is important to create a unique and long-lasting visualization of a brand in digital service. Ultimately it reflects on the attitude and image of the brand. Said

It is interesting to observe that no statements regarding font usage are presented in this group. Based on the information provided by the statistics of customer reviews we have to reschedule our product quality and its behavior. A well-managed service can impress customers that they are working on their service product again. The image of a company makes the whole design decision look so cohesive and attractive. The final interpretation is made by the results gained by means of an online survey and statistical software. Due to their ability to represent emotions reflected in brand values by means of visualization. Presence in social media platforms seems to be important to these users. If the company would maintain or develop digital branding decisions in social media channels they don’t have to be worried about the customers’ interpretation. Using a user-friendly website the customer would be so happier than previous to use it again. Customers would like a promise of their product seller for an n excellent service.

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Instead of focusing on how to allocate spending across Marketers should target stages in the decision journey. There are so many platform media like customer-created channels, television, other advertisement platforms where we can go to create the image of our renowned brand and publicity of it. So it totally depends on how we are marketing our product based on the mind of our beloved customers.

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Why you should shift your focus from Traditional to Digital Market!


In the world, technology is growing continuously. So if we want to maintain our existence in the business field we have to capture all the adaptability in all fields. The Internet has a great opportunity so it is quite simpler to switch from the old platforms to online fields. The new technological concept is always acceptable to all so it is very easy for us to show. In our fields, they have lots of scopes and advertisement is the main weapon for us.

Should we really change?

These are the following reasons to switch from one to another field:

1. Cost-effectiveness:

If we consider the cost online platform is cheaper rather than a traditional one. So we can target more audiences to make a profit ratio of our business.

2. Accurate result:

In the case of measurement online trending always gives better performance, and we will get satisfying results. We can track our sales and deliveries on an online platform very easily.

3. Engagement with the client:

In the digital filed there is a public forum so that customer can give their reviews after using products. According to that, we can update our service. This facility is not available in the old one.

4. Great target:

We can gather a large database using an online platform. We can track real-time data as well as historical ones. So we can target many customers at the same time.

5. Excited returns:

Think you can double your efforts throughout a day. So if it is properly set up don’t worry about returns. Make your best friend to social media for this exciting returns.

Offline trending Vs. Online Trending:

Old marketing techniques depend on a new paper ad which is not very efficient to brand our success ratio. The concept and style of the advertisement have been changed. People spend more time on the online platform rather than a newspaper. Online platforms become more effective than offline activities. Customers don’t want to waste their time reading newspapers. Digital fields are more adaptable for all as it has very attractive and innovative ideas to show our business. But if you want to combine old vs digital, then it is a great combination of great success.

Digital marketing with lots of scopes to expand a small business in an efficient way. This modern method mainly focuses on the audience, their needs according to satisfaction so that become their permanent customer. Almost all successful companies are working on an online platform. It is true there some of the companies who are working on a traditional platform. But if we want to compete in the large business industry there is no other way to accept these digital activities. In the coming years, you would see a great hike as online marketing use some of the smart tools like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Email trending, etc. Important steps should be followed to create the best customer experiences. But it is obvious that it has advantages and some disadvantages too.

Importance of Digital Marketing:

Based on the current industry trends it requires shifting in the digital platform. There is a broad range to collect the data using some smart tools mentioned above. Most of the companies are using efficient marketing teams for branding purposes. Business needs to strong bonds with their clients. So they need professionals who can analyze user experience or behavior as it can lead profit in the global industry. Expansion of business is none other than the accept the online field as early as possible.

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The following points should be noted down :

1. Efficient for both small and large businesses:

The online platform is shining on small fields as well. If we see some of the famous US companies like Walmart, Brick, and mortar, Amazon, etc everything is just shining on day by day. It allows the small user to hold in a top rank position. If we spend money in a proper way then the company will be managed very effectively.

2. Customer Segmentation:

Digital works excellently in the terms of sales and revenue. There is a great target ratio in the automation business as well. So it is highly relevant in terms of customer segmentation and personalization.

3. Tracking Capabilities:

The core part of online trending is its tracking mechanism. So we can track phone numbers, source tracking, special offers, creative and landing options which is very effective to reach our goal and also improve productive results.

4. Easily Accessible:

The customer who has the potential they can easily access their product by surfing through the internet. E-Commerce program has a very powerful mechanism to grow its online store.

5. Avoid the crowd:

In traditional marketing, we have faced a variety of crowd in the targeted areas but in digital marketing, we easily avoid all the crowd that could reach the customer by finding them to gain their interest.

6. Convert websites:

Having an optimized landing page that is relevant to the digital platform which will provide the consumer with the information they need about your business’s products and services to help them during the buying cycle. Design your landing pages to be as helpful as possible to consumers.

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Let’s face it, one of the important roles of the digital platforms is the matter that can easily be updated and adjusted. Unlike in traditional marketing wherein, it takes a lot of effort to tweak. Imagine your print ads having the wrong percentage discount, how can you correct that the prints are already out? On the other hand, editing digital platforms are just a few clicks away. How you get the word out about your service and market it to your promotion. Any method that enhances you to promote the product and help it gains more visibility/exposure comes under promotion — whether it is advertising on a billboard or setting up an ad campaign on Facebook.

The overall cost of the product depends on how well you know it. Price is always the determining factor when it comes to things like supply, demand, profit margin, etc. Traditional marketing heavily relies on getting your product in front of your target audience at the right time and place.

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How to Boost your Business in year 2021!


Based on the pandemic situation due to COVID 19 it is really high time to think about an existing business plan in the upcoming year that is 2021. From the initial phase, we have to prepare our innovative plans. So If you are looking for a small or high business or in a stage of startup prepare upcoming best plans so nothing can harm in our business. To apply our innovative ideas before any of the financial moves in business fields and that are also be prepared for unexpected gain or loss in our business fields.


Our main goal for the upcoming and existing plan is excellent performance possible efforts to boost up our business, so we can set up as a perfect business planner in the upcoming year. As 2020 is a pandemic year in different areas so that we have set our goal properly in 2021. We have to wisely put our steps for any type of financial move in the upcoming year 2021. You can take intelligence plans from experienced domain leaders. Accordingly, plan up our business strategies inefficient way.

Things keep in mind in 2021:

We remember the following points before making any financial moves:

1. Think from both sides like the customer and owner side.

2. Focus mainly on Digital marketing or offline domains.

3. Insurance policies must be prepared for any pandemic situation or accidental situations.

4. Make your plan for both small and large domains.

5. Fulfill requirements of your current clients accordingly.

The Best Techniques:

These are the below best strategies to boost up our business in the upcoming year 2021:

1. Concentration on replacement cycle:

we are all well-known about the pandemic situation of the year 2020 due to COVID 19. So you have to pay attention to the replacement cycle. What are changes that are happened in the last 15 years from 2005 to 2020, What are the challenges that we have to face in the upcoming year, everything we have to keep in mind?

2. Decide your goals and other adjustments:

Define your problem objective first, accordingly, we have to put our necessary steps in the field of our domain of business. We have to also consider a good or bad impact on our financial movements. The Best way to explore it in an online platform only remembering the lockdown effect of this 2020 due to the pandemic situation.

3. Recalculate your financial moves:

Always keep in mind that what is my financial ratios?

If you are doing guesswork then prepare for it accordingly. You have to also find out your main strong and weak points.

4 . Use Digital platform:

Make sure to use digital platforms as new technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning are growing a very effective way in each place. So that we can hire the best employees who are eligible for a particular post only.

5. Recruit the best employees:

As new technology is growing day by day so you have to recruit the best employees who have the proper idea of new technology like machine learning, artificial intelligence so that they can implement an appropriate algorithm to boost sales and profit accordingly.

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6. Assign smart assistance:

In this new technology platform, you can use smart home assistance like Alexa or Google home that can help you in shopping-related activities, set a reminder of your business deals, conduct new research and track the deliveries.

7. Distribution of E-commerce:

E-commerce has a great platform to deal with business in a very efficient way. We have to place our business competitors. We have to use better ideas and smart decisions in our business process.

8. Focus on proper manufacturing:

In this 21st century, you have to focus on proper manufacturing as there are so many competitors in our business fields like China. So that you have to use the innovative power of automation and other homemade goods.

9. Security:

Security is needed in financial and other platforms. You have to properly prepare your insurance plan mostly online, and we have to provide a very high level of security to boost your business in a very effective way. So invest in your business accordingly.

10. Give priority to clients:

we have to mainly point on our existing customers as well as the current one. Our excellent marketing strategies should attract them. We have to make the documents of our success that can affect sales. So that you can satisfy your existing customers as well this deal can attract your new customers as well.

11.Set your competitors:

You already know your strength and weakness. Accordingly, you can judge your business competitors. That is why we have to apply innovative ideas and unique products to set your goals properly.

12. Excellent Marketing planning:

This is the last but most perfect strategy to grow up your business. It can boost your sales. Effective marketing can impress your customers and the high quality of marketing can boost your sales in a very profitable way. To recruit highly efficient employees to this particular post as this is the main and important strategy to boost your business.

Check out the 2021 plan:

Let’s go for a short plan of 2021:

1. Need a business loan?

2. Total expenses.

3. Change in distribution channel?

4. Will we offer a new product?

5. What is the relation of our existing customer?

6. Are you sure about your trusted partner?

7. Can you manage your cash flow?

8. Review your tax strategy.

9. Future projections and other goals.

10. Experience gain from past experience.

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As a business owner after all you have to plan all the strategies, techniques for the upcoming year 2021. Collect all the data of the last 15 to 20 years so that you can plan accordingly. Ultimately your main goal is to boost up your sales so you have to apply new innovative ideas and logic in your products and marketing fields. Considering all the pitfalls in mind go ahead in the upcoming 2021 with your excellent and targeted marketing strategies to boost up your sales and profit!!

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Importance of your Digital Presence after this Pandemic

The inherently dynamic and accelerated form of digital presence makes it perfectly suitable for commercial advertising during and after an pandemic. However, this does not suggest that customer demands and the strategies of companies during an pandemic, in the face of an pandemic, will remain constant.
Based on the anticipated effects of the pandemic, the greatest benefits of a digital presence after the pandemic as crisis management are described below.

How has marketing been reinvented as a result of the pandemic?

During the pandemic, many companies have worked to increase their online presence. Both the physical location and the online store have envisioned everything to generate more business and the online space is where companies are turning to open up new sources of income.

Businesses go online during Coronavirus

For example, music festivals have hosted online live events. With so many people hosting, the use of the Internet has increased massively and therefore the size of the audience for online businesses is also increased.

Why is it important to maintain this new marketing model in the post-pandemic life?

After the pandemic, companies will be able to capitalize on digital marketing campaigns that will be able to generate long-term profits to strengthen relationships with consumers and boost customer loyalty rather than short-term profits. This will keep that digital presence platform at a high level of activity before the pandemic, as it is a platform with which customers will have developed a long-term relationship.
Through market research occurring in the midst of the pandemic, HubSpot found that consumers cite “customer service” as the single most important factor influencing their view of a business.
However, “post-pandemic” may be a misleading phrase: it suggests that the time will soon come when we can put coronovirus and lockdown measures behind for good. This is unlikely to happen for any considerable time. Digital presence is therefore a particularly important mediation tool for companies moving between online and offline, as many changes will occur in this state.
The digital marketing system, which can still advertise and update customers on this changing state, will be the only constant. For example, an online version of a corporate event (such as the music festival example mentioned above) can be produced and reserved if a physical event is canceled due to coronovirus restrictions.

Apart from the fact that this online event offers an alternative profit opportunity, it means that not all promotions promoting the physical event are in vain; You can redirect only to online events. Similarly, now for large-scale events, online selling companies are taking advantage of internal sales. This allows workers to connect with customers anytime and from anywhere.
In-person follow-up emails allow them to increase their productivity while maintaining a personal connection that has traditionally been a virtue of external sales. It shows how digital marketing enables adaptation in a rapidly changing market and therefore will become more valuable over time.
In addition, e-commerce figures show that 85% of customers now decide whether to buy a product online before purchasing a product. It would suggest that it is more profitable for companies to spend their time or money providing information tailored to individual customer’s needs, rather than providing in-person demos or samples.

Marketing during the pandemic

This is also supported by the fact that during the pandemic there has been a 45% increase in the number of customer-initiated conversations using self-service formats; Functions that can be more easily and successfully incorporated into digital marketing as opposed to physical marketing.
More specifically, today’s unpredictable weather means that customer opinions and demands are more volatile than ever. Social media, as it is very accessible to customers, is an essential tool for gaining consumer feedback and with the opinions of your target audience and how they relate to your service or product.
In addition to social media, providing you a platform to actively engage with customers, the presence of social media will also lead to more user-generated content, which will increase your business performance. Therefore, social network is a major aspect of digital presence.
Some sites have modified their web designs to provide a better experience for their visitors, as a good first impression is important to retain customers and visitors and prevent them from leaving your site. All efforts in digital marketing can go waste when people visit sites that are poorly designed. Web redesign with the help of a web design company or an experienced web designer is one of the best ways to improve the aesthetic appeal and user experience of a site.

A Changing Scenario for Business Relationships

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, social media marketing is important, as it provides a new way of communicating with other companies and promoting relationships with them. Following accounts or advertisements appearing on the same platform or medium and similar companies are often part of the same social media community, for companies to work together for mutual benefit rather than working against each other is encouraged.

It provides an additional channel for productive profit rather than a disastrous means of connecting with similar businesses. Businesses returning to a purely physical presence after the pandemic, rather than to an online presence, will miss this potential opportunity.
Awareness about the benefits of online socialization, shopping, and other business practices on the Internet has increased as a result of the coronovirus pandemic.
The pandemic has forced all groups that would otherwise have withdrawn from the online world, such as older generations, to interact with it and learn to act through an online presence. In addition, many companies, which are installing systems online, can now continue to use them, although they can use business systems as well as tangible ones.

A Change in Business Solutions

Along the same lines, the coronavirus pandemic has encouraged many simple conversions to the online space for practical reasons, which now seem a lot more convenient than before. This ranges from arguing that many workers in many industries can do their long work from home.
This digitization of the basic parts of a company upon which the remainder of a system is built encourages greater use of the Internet and, consequently, due to greater scope of digital marketing than physical, advertising (brochure) More than. Posters, etc.).
Changes at such a fundamental level, as in the example of disabled employees working long hours from home, reflect the extent of the transition from physical to online life, as well as the enormity of its impact.
Comparing current life versus pandemic economic data, we suggest that we can expect to see an economic rebound in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic, with the broader projected picture suggesting a severe recession. It is dangerous to ignore the benefits of marketing digitization, as it may be necessary for the maintenance and survival of many businesses.
On the other hand, capitalizing on the increasingly important role of digital marketing in post-pandemic society may offer more than just maintaining your business; Moreover without online presence of your business in this scenario you cannot stand out with market…

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How Visual Creative Branding is boosting your Business Growth

Every business is always related to business growth and everyone thinks about visual branding, there were actually many ways to promote your business through creative visual branding, but here we discuss some powerful creative visual branding techniques Going to do which will definitely help you business growth.

Visual branding marketing ideas compete to help you grow your business

Posting on bargain sites – People love free stuff, some more than others. People who are very in love often visit sites and forums. There is almost always a cheap / competition forum section where you can add your competition to the mix.
Hashtags – Including a relevant (and unique) hashtag in your competition helps you keep track of entries and makes it easier to find and organize them. Also, they are just plain joking.
Make Compliant Super Sharable – This means adding the “Share This Contest” button if you have an admit card on a website, or simply encouraging social sharing in general. The more people know about your competition, the better.
Provide bonus points for sharing – If you offer users bonus points for sharing news about your competition via social media, they will be more likely to give it.
Notify email subscribers about the contest – remember, you already know that your email subscribers like you and are interested in what you have to offer. If you are running a contest for a free year of your software, then you know that your customers want to enter!
(All) Promote Your Competition on Social Media: If you are running a photo contest via Instagram, be sure to promote the contest on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. You want all your followers to know about your great giveaway from all social networks!
Write for your audience: The best content is aimed at your key audience. Understand your client – know their pain points, what excites them, and what keeps them awake at night. Killer content addresses the needs and concerns of your audience!
Add a visual element to all your content pieces – people get bored of text really fast! In order for visitors to continue reading, it is necessary that the images divide paragraphs of text. Even in mainly text-based blog posts, do not ignore the importance of a visual element.
Useful Templates: Templates are another powerful form of visual assets that visitors find extremely useful. Templates serve as a visual framework that can help users create custom parts without having to completely scratch.

Visual Creative Branding Idea for Small Business

Charts and Tables: Infographics’ lesser cousins, one-piece charts and tables still hold their place as formidable pieces of visual content. They may not be as impressive as infographics, but they take very little time and effort to create and are still demure, so don’t be afraid to use them liberally. For visual learners, it would be much easier to interpret than a graphic text and a snippet of numbers. Make sure you attract all types of students!
Video – Video is an incredible marketing strategy when it comes to promoting a new product or service, or to attract and hold the attention of users. The retention rate for visual information can reach 65% vs. 10% for text-based information. Additionally, customers who watch product videos are more likely to convert than those who do not.
States List: Are You Reaching the Wall of Content Idea? For a simple content marketing solution, gather interesting statistics on a topic related to your business and create a blog post about what you have learned. Stat lists are easy to do on a large scale and in very small amounts.
Future Predictions – Run a fortune teller by predicting future trends in your industry; Just make sure you have at least some data to support your hypothesis.
Controversy: Controversial content is always noted, but it is not for the faint of heart – playing with fire can burn you! Instead of instigating a controversy yourself, the biggest course may be to respond to or respond to a major industry dispute with your explanation.

Other Visual Creative Marketing Ideas That Boost Your Business Growth

Slideshow – Slideshow is back and better than ever! Reuse PowerPoint presentations to share audience-friendly slides.
Webinars – Host your own free webinar or partner with another company for a two-time experience (and twice the promotional power). Webinars are a great source of business opportunities.
Google-related searches: Checking Google-related searches (found above and below the SERP) for keyword queries is a great tool for generating content ideas. Just Google a word and see what the related searches indicate. This will surprise you!
Opt-in pop-ups: There is a lot of debate around newsletter subscription pop-ups. They are angry, they are intrusive, but very often, they work too! Take an A / B test and see how it affects your newsletter subscription. If your newsletter subscribers have proved valuable to your business, what to do to get them.
Maintain your streak. Not sure what to write? Log into your analytics account and take a look at your most popular posts to see what topics users are most excited about, then write a variation or extension of one of your most popular posts.
E-Books – Another great marketing idea is to write a comprehensive e-book on a known issue or popular industry topic, and then build a quality landing page around the proposal. Better yet, not start from scratch; Rearrange previous blog posts and articles into a mega e-book collection.
Post on hot industry topics – What is discussed in your area? Post on current news and current affairs related to your industry that put you in a state of explosion and show that you know.
Guest Posts – While the SEO value of guest posts has been questioned, there is nothing wrong with guest posts if done properly. Focus on the value of showing your brand to a new audience instead of a link.
White papers (guides, e-ook, white papers) are very similar, but labeling your assets differently can help your message resonate with different audiences. Test your label to work best with your potential customers.
Quality Content – It should be said without saying, but only produce quality content that you can be proud of! Google hates thin content and users do not like it.
Show some skin, I mean metaphorical skin, of course, show that you are not a robot. Don’t be afraid to have fun and show your company’s personality. Express yourself; And if it means actually showing some skin, more power to you. You are human

Creative Marketing Ideas for a Visual Creative Brand

Online magazine – The production of your own virtual magazine is another epic form of content marketing. For a great example, check out Dark Rye, a fancy online magazine created by Whole Foods. For a quick and easy solution, create your newspaper online with
Podcasts – Podcasts are great because users can download them and then listen to them on the go. Potential podcast concepts include discussing the biggest news in the industry or interviewing experts at your location.
Cover events: If you are attending a conference (or an online event), consider writing a post about the information you have collected from the event, what you found valuable, etc. Others may also find it valuable! Use event hashtags in your promotional efforts.

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Important things to must include in marketing strategy after covid-19

A global crisis can either paralyze a marketing team or galvanize it to thrive. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, that’s exactly what we’re seeing: some companies are cutting back on marketing (in some instances, laying off the entire marketing team), while others are being more agile and coming up with interesting ways of engaging their audience during these difficult times.
If you want to stay in business, you can’t stay idle for long. As a business owner of our self, we understand why many entrepreneurs would want to cut down completely on marketing activities. Being conservative feels like the safe choice when there’s uncertainty about how long the crisis will last. But we have to balance financial responsibility with the need to keep consumers informed and engaged when things get tough.

The year’s events have impacted consumer search behavior and PPC performance. Many businesses have paused or reduced their advertising in the last few weeks. Conversely, others have set responses in place to react to the changes in consumer searches.
Though it may seem counterintuitive, now is the time to hold steady to ensure a strong come back within your marketing after COVID-19. As businesses withdraw themselves, great opportunities will surface if your business can maintain a long-term marketing strategy.
To make your digital marketing efforts effective, your team should begin to plan adjustments in response to the shift in searches, competitors, and market share. In other words, your past PPC set-up before and during this crisis will likely no longer apply to your marketing after COVID-19.

Be agile for the new normal

Some entrepreneurs and marketers are holding off action, thinking that things will be back to “normal” in a few weeks or months. I do not hold the same view.
For one, some scientists are predicting that some form of social distancing may need to happen until 2022 . That’s a long time to put any type of marketing on hold. A more important consideration is the fact that the pandemic will have a long-term effect on the psyche and outlook of consumers. In our own COVID-19 study, 86% of Americans and 81% of Canadians agreed that the crisis will create a new normal and have a lasting impact on society.
Regardless of how long the crisis actually lasts, COVID-19 will forever change the consumer landscape. After this comes to pass, companies can’t go back to their old playbooks. Personas, messaging and even your product strategy may need to significantly evolve for the realities of the post-COVID-19 world.
The bottom line is that fresh data and accurate insights have never been more important. In these uncharted territories, relying on instincts alone is dangerous. If you haven’t reached out to your customers in the past month, now’s the time to do so.

Adjusting your Digital Marketing Strategy

Bidding Strategies

The competitor market has changed. As we mentioned earlier, many businesses are responding to these changes in drastic ways, some by cutting their PPC marketing budgets altogether.
Though it may not make sense right away, holding marketing budget is recommended move. That said, sticking to the same automated bidding strategy and targets will not make sense for your marketing after COVID-19.
We recommend reviewing & adjusting both manual and automated bidding strategies. Also, you should monitor your campaigns’ marketing strategy given the volatile market. Remember, conditions will continue to shift. Therefore, if you don’t just set and forget, you may be able to go along with the changes.


As you may know, keywords are a powerful resource for markets. Hence, you can use Google Trends, which is a great digital marketing tool, to understand how people are searching online.
Great marketing strategies are all about adaptation and monitoring search trends. Weekly digital marketing tasks should include reviewing search term reports and search queries on Google Analytics. Primarily to understand what queries people are using to find your business and strategize your marketing after COVID-19.

Device Strategy

Daily routines will go from working from a laptop at home to desktops to going back to mobile use during commutes again. In other words, mobile traffic may have decreased, but you will want to adjust your PPC campaigns for mobile traffic after the quarantine. Indeed, you should review your marketing campaign device settings. When the time comes, make your brand highly visible on mobile again.

Ad Copy & Extensions

Review the messages in your pipeline to remove anything that seems insensitive. Not all ad copy will hold relevance for your marketing after COVID-19.
Similarly, you will want to keep tabs on which competitors are advertising. Some questions to consider: (1) What is their message? (2) Are they pushing promotions? If so, what are they?
Tip: “Shop local” has been one of the popular search trends. Use this and variations of it in your ad copy marketing strategy to help vendors and shops in your community.
Quality Score
If you haven’t done this already, focus on your quality scores. You can do this in a few easy steps. First, pull a list of all your current keyword quality scores. Second, brainstorm to create new content for your PPC ad copy. Finally, do the same for your landing page. Together, these will improve your quality score.


If you stuck to the plan and continued marketing through the outbreak, we’ve got good news. You’ve probably built up a substantial audience that you can re market to as part of your Marketing After COVID-19 Plan.


When the dust settles there will be a number of things to shift back to like updating any of your business operations on your website, Google My Business Bing Places. Whatever adjustments (business hours and phone number) you made during the quarantine make sure to shift back.
It will take time to find the new norm for marketing after COVID-19, but each of the points above will prepare your marketing strategy efforts for shifts that are expected. If you’d like to stay up to date with the industry and our recommendations on strategies for your business.

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